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WPD is associated to the text files produced by Corel's WordPerfect office application. It is similar to other document editing application that can contain text, images, and html commands. Older WordPerfect versions were able to support both PC and Macintosh platforms. However, support for Mac systems was discounted in 1997 and Windows support was enhanced.

WordPerfect X4 is compliant to the OpenDocument Format (ODF) and Office Open XML standards. The application can also open documents created using Microsoft Word with extensions .doc and .docx.

In 1995 a version of WordPerfect was created to run on Linux system and was followed by another version in 1997. The initiative of Corel to market WordPerfect failed and was totally discontinued from Linux during the height of the success of other document processing applications such as OpenOffice and Microsoft Word.

Incidents of worm attacks have been recorded targeting WPD files. One common characteristic of these worms is that they locate files with extensions such as WPD, DOC, and others. Once finding the file, these worms duplicate the document's filename adding the extension *.VBS at the end. A simple LETTER.WPD will look like LETTER.WPD.VBS when infected.

Files with extension WPD can be opened using the Microsoft Word and Nuance OmniPage Professional. Files can also be viewed from a browser with the right plug-in installed. WordPerfect plug-in can be downloaded by visiting the manufacturer's website. Freeware such as AbiWord can also be used to open the file.

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